Mozart (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) is a clone student at St. Kleio Academy. He is the historical clone of famous German composer, Wolfgang Mozart.

Attributes Edit

Appearance Edit

Mozart has long wavy blonde hair parted down the center of his head which is then tied back by a bow and he has blue-grey eyes. He is slightly taller than Shiro Kamiya as seen when they compete in a sword fight. His usual attire is the school uniform which consists of a dark button-up coat over a white dress-shirt shirt and dress-pants.

Personality Edit

Mozart holds a certain self-importance and is over-confident with himself, cursing Shiro for touching him on multiple occasions stating he would be "tainted". He can be rather sarcastic and does not hold interest in anyone but himself. He mocks Shiro, Napoleon and Ikkyu and is insulted when Shiro claims to pity him after the sword fight, reacting in a rather hostile manner.

He enjoys toying with others as seen with how he mocks Marie about teaching her his piano skills and how her and Shiro would make a perfect couple due to them being so different from everyone else.

Shiro stands up to him on multiple occasions after several comments from Mozart about his place in the school and his "mediocrity".

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