The Almighty Dolly is a miniature stuffed sheep doll created as a trend amongst the clone students at St. Keio Academy. Albert Einstein made them, and he with Grigori Rasputin started the trend by under Rockswell, the school director's, orders, -with the hope of being able to be set free from the school if they succeeded. However, what Einstein and Rasputin didn't know is that the dollies were integrated into the school by Kai's terrorists.

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Dolly the Clone Sheep's stuffed body on display.

Historical BackgroundEdit

1996 - 2003

The Almighty Dolly toy represents the historical cloned sheep Dolly, who was the first ever mammal to ever be successfully cloned. Dolly the sheep was cloned from the cells of a sheep that was 6 years old. Interestingly, Dolly died at the age of 6, when she became ill, never outliving her original's lifespan.


The Almighty Dolly was meant to bring good luck. As the Dolly the sheep was the first clone success story, the clones of the Academy hoped the miniature toy would sever their ties of fate from their originals, "especially those whose originals suffered badly in the end." The irony of the toy is that the actual Dolly the sheep never escaped its original's fate.

As the plot progressed, many students began to believe that the dolly was an entity of its own, and had the ability to put curses on non-believers or on those who mistreated the dolly.

Plot PremiseEdit

When the toy was introduced as a gift to Shiro by Hitler to cheer him up, Hitler had claimed that the dolly was only a new trend that had been picked up by the school. However, as Shiro starts carrying it around with him, it becomes clear that the dolly was only meant for clones, which was demonstrated by Joan of Arc's hostile reaction to Shiro having one.

Einstein reveals to Shiro that he is the one who creates the dollies, and later leads Shiro into a cult-like meeting dedicated to worshiping the Almighty Dolly. The cult believes that the dolly is a godlike entity, and can sever a clone's fate from their original. Many others students also come to believe that alongside with being a lucky charm, the dolly can also grant wishes and bring love.

Many negative qualities arise about the Dolly, however; after Mozart attempts suicide, many of the students create rumors that it happened because he had resented the dolly. Members of the cult warn dolly-owners that mistreating the dolly could result in likewise dark happenstances.

Almighty Dolly

Cutesy Almighty Dolly!

It is revealed that the dolls were being used as bugging devices by the Striker clones, and the Rockswell was allowing them to be circulated through the school as the terrorists monitored them. The two students, Einstein and Rasputin were under the promise that in exchange for creating and distributing the dollies, they would be be allowed to leave St. Kleio. In order to keep devices inside the dollies, Einstein and Rasputin declared that a dolly had to be "baptized" before it could be useful, whereupon all handmade dollies would be given to the two, and they would somehow, unknowingly. place inside the toy a bugging device.

For Rasputin's Expo presentation, Rasputin announces to his audience that the dollies were merely just a stuffed animal and his research project, shocking the believers of the Almighty Dolly who were present there. Immediately after, as the terrorists attack the school, they use the devices in the dollies to specifically track and murder students.

After the event, it appears that the ruckus the dolly had stirred has now died down, as no more students are seen with them.


  • Apparently, it was meant only for clones, although Shiro got one.
  • Einstein is the original maker of all the dollies. However, his Almighty Dolly sheep are only slightly better-looking than Shiro's.
  • Hitler, on the other hand, actually sews them quite well and makes nice, fancy ones.
  • Since Kuroe and Kamiya did not report the discovered bugging devices in the dollies, and also because he told Einstein and Rasputin that he doesn't know why the dollies need to be distributed, it is unclear whether or not Rockswell knew about the devices.
  • Kai was most likely the person who had asked Rockswell to distribute the dollies in the first place. Rockswell clearly stated that he is on all the clones' sides, even Kai's, and when he's explaining why he wants the dollies circulated to Einstein and Rasputin, he says that "Someone asked me to do it. If it makes you clones happy, so much the better. After all, it's my job to make sure you clones get what you want." (aka, the terrorist clones wanting the dollies to be distributed in the school.)
  • The sheep dollies was the prime item of worship in a cult with regular meetings. Followers included Joan of Arc, Hitler, Rasputin, Himiko, Einstein, Shiro, and various unnamed others.
  • Hitler has found a new use for the Almighty Dolly dolls -to choke someone to death with.
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