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Sigmund Freud is a clone student at St. Kleio Academy and one of Shiro's closest friends. He is in the third generation of clones created at the Academy. He is one of the main supporting protagonist of the series and regularly appears in the manga, most often to attempting to unravel the mysteries going on around the school.

Sigmund Freud
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Famous Austrian Psychologist

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Freud has peridot green eyes and silver hair that is cut around jaw level. He is lean and is usually frowning or looking contemplative. His casual clothing usually seems to be comfortable and old-fashioned-- wool sweaters over a t-shirt and jeans.


Initially, one can describe Freud as quite rude, sly or even cold. He tends to add a scathing comment usually before delivering his main point. He tends to mock everyone, including his own circle of friends- he does have a touch of a superiority complex in this way. Friend tends to say what he is thinking, no matter if it's offense of not. Although he views his peers through the lenses of his original's works, he tries not just to use his original's theories but also tries to expand on his own, and dabbles in philosophy, just as his predecessor did.

Freud also has a rather sexual side, and is viewed as a slight pervert, which he will not attempt to hide in his circle of friends. Most of the time, he's not always attracted to the actual person, but rather the idea of the erotic nature of the person in general. Usually, he tries to appear very sophisticated, or at least more so than he already is, and any sort of "perverted" comment will be said with the same indifference will be said with the same indifference as if he's simply studying you, which is not too far fetched an idea.

Despite his cold, sarcastic and aloof exterior, he does care deeply for his friends. Though not one to make overly friendly gestures all the time, when he does, it holds a lot of meaning for him, showing that he truly does care for whomever it is he's expressed himself to--it's not to say he's not nice to his friends, but they are often put off by his constant mockery of everyone, even them.

Historical BackgroundEdit

(1856 - 1939)

"Austrian Psychopathologist

He studied at the University of Vienna and joined the faculty there after graduation. He pursued research in neurology and worked as a clinical physician, treating patients suffering from hysteria and similar conditions. Based on this work, Freud went on to pioneer the discipline of psychoanalysis. He developed a very close relationship with the psychologist Carl Gustav Jung, despite the difference in their ages, but later in life the two became estranged due to differences in their psychological beliefs. As a Jew, Freud was forced into exile in London to the rise of the Nazis, where he died a year later at the age of 83.

History Edit

Freud was born into the 3rd generation of clones at the same time as all of them had, half a year or so before the 2nd generation's graduation day. Freud is the first baby to be handed to his predecessor clone, whereupon he smacks the older Freud in the face and begins to cry and doesn't stop. The older Freud even comments that if anyone should be crying, it should be himself.

Years later, when Shiro first arrives to St. Kleio Academy, Freud is standing behind Napoleon as he asks Shiro to come and join them. Freud was perhaps not spoken to about Napoleon's decision, and looks slightly disgruntled about having Shiro join them.

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Shiro KamiyaEdit

Although part of the same friend group, Freud is constantly picking a fight with Shiro. There has, however, been the odd time that they have tolerated, and sometimes even depended on, each other.



"One page of writing is a small price to pay for seeing those girls undressing" Freud to Shiro


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