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Vol. 1, Chapter 1

Shiro Kamiya (神矢史良 Kamiya Shiro) is a student of St. Kleio Academy and also the main protagonist of the series. Though the audience is initially lead to believe he's the only non-clone student, it is later revealed he's a clone of Doctor X.



Shiro as he appears in the manga.


Shiro has short black hair and dark blue-gray eyes. His casual wardrobe is usually short sleeved jackets and t-shirts with shorts or pants that come up above his ankles. He occasionally wears thin hoodies. After he leaves St. Kleio to go to the Da Vinci Foundation, he occasionally begins wearing white dress shirts with with checkered pants, suspenders and black tie. He has also acquired a watch.

Personality Edit

Shiro is a kind and caring individual. Although he had a crush on Marie Curie, he helped her leave St. Kleio (and himself) because he genuinely wanted to help her fulfill her dream of creating music as opposed to following her original's path. Shiro even worries about Mozart when landed a hit on him during their fencing match, although Mozart was being very hostile towards him. He also befriends Hitler, despite the clone's isolation by his peers because of his original's history.

Shiro dislikes it when his friends are hurt or mistreated, willing to fight back and argue on their behalf, as he did to Mozart when the clone insulted Marie Curie.

His status amongst the school as the only 'non-clone' causes much friction and somewhat of a division, even amongst his friends, which causes him to be upset by that fact. It is compounded by him wishing to fit in more and belonging with the others. This causes him to be insecure about his place at the school and as an ordinary person compared to the others

At school, he is an average student, but he he tries to be dedicated and work hard towards his studies, so as to 'earn' his place at the school and belong with his extraordinary classmates.

Historical Background Edit

Shiro is actually classified as a non-clone, which often causes him to have insecurities when in the company of clones. However, he bears a remarkable similarity to Kai, and he finds out that he is actually a clone taken care of by Dr. Kamiya. In volume nine, Shiro discovers that he is the clone of Dr. X, who was the founder of St. Kleio and Kuroe's father.

History Edit

For unknown motives, a professor of St. Kleio, Eito Kamiya, decided to clone another Project X child along with the other Third Generation clones half a year or so before the Second Generation graduated the academy. Under the claim that since the expo is over he has no work for him at St. Kleio for a while, and that raising a clone of Dr. X outside of the St. Kleio bubble is a good research experiment, he transfers work places and leaves St. Kleio with the clone, whom he names "Shiro."

Kamiya finds a job away from home, and enrolls Shiro in a school. Shiro's environment growing up is one most children crave for; Kamiya proves to be a loving,understanding father, and takes strides with many child education books, tricks to make Shiro eat his vegetables and the like, and encourages Shiro's budding creative spirit. Shiro comes to respect the idea of his deceased "mother," a woman who Kamiya used to love and put a photograph of in their home. Naoto Kuroe, Kamiya's best friend, comes by often, and for a while, Shiro comes to believe that Kuroe is his uncle.

When Kamiya and Shiro return to St. Kleio, Shiro seemed despondent and nearly apathetic, possibly because he was shy, although he was willing to talk to Hitler, who hadn't had any friends, and afterwards go to lunch with Napolean, Ikkyu, and Freud.

Plot Edit



Marie CurieEdit

Before she transferred from St. Kleio, she and Shiro were very good friends. He'd had a crush on her, which was part of the reason why he approached his father on helping her achieve her dream of going to a music-centered institution. As implications of her death were continually hinted to Shiro, the thought disturbed and upset him, as well as making him feel guilt at being the cause -as he was the one who asked for her transfer.

When the two find each other again at the Da Vinci Foundation, Shiro is so relieved to see her alive that he begins to cry. Later, as Shiro decides to flee the foundation, the two bond together, holding hands, admitting fears to each other, and blushing at the idea of sleeping next to each other at Anna's charity. However, their relationship may have been ruined after Shiro discovered Marie had made an agreement with Da Vinci to try and convince him to return, and Anna was harmed as a result.

Napoleon BonaparteEdit

Napoleon is one of Shiro's closest friends at the school. He vehemently defends Shiro when he's being picked on, particularly because of his non-clone status, as illustrated when Mozart puts Shiro down verbally and physically and Napoleon must be restrained from attacking the other, afterwards helping Shiro back to his feet and offering consolation. Interestingly, unknowing to both, the two were in a sort of love triangle involving Joan of Arc.

Ikkyu SojunEdit

One of his closest friends and among the group of people Shiro hangs out with on a daily basis. He even agrees to personally oversee Shiro's fencing training to prepare him to face Mozart.

Sigmund FreudEdit

Another close friend, Freud frequently enjoys teasing and taunting Shiro, especially concerning his 'daddy complex'. Although he constantly mocks Shiro, he sincerely cares about the other and worries about him when allegations are pinpointed at Shiro and problems are centered around him. To that end, he tries to solve the puzzles of such problems quickly to prevent much harm or trouble from reaching Shiro. He comforts the other after the start of implications that Shiro may be a clone, and after Joan of Arc's death with a one-armed hug and just silently being there.

When Shiro graduates early from St. Kleio, Freud goes to his room to say goodbye, and when Shiro thanks Freud for all the trouble he's gone to for Shiro's sake, Freud pleasantly remarks to Shiro about how much the boy has grown up.

Adolf HitlerEdit

Hitler is the first student to talk to Shiro after his transfer to the school, and immediately attempts to befriend him. He quickly sees the other as, like him, the "odd men out", because of the others' avoidance of him and of Shiro being a non-clone. He constantly supports and cheers up Shiro, especially after the other is put down for being a non-clone, where at one time he even gives Shiro an Almighty Dolly that he personally made. Shiro is seemingly Hitler's only friend, and Hitler seems to be the only one who Shiro actually confides to about his insecurities about being a non-clone.

Since the terrorist attack on St. Kleio, however. Their relationship has become much more complicated as Hitler becomes more paranoid. Hitler had begun trying to convince Shiro that his other clone friends were were "not right" for him, and that by knowing destinies, clones were somehow better than regular humans. They start arguing with each other more and more, and when Hitler runs off to join Kai, Shiro is surprised but not shocked.

Florence NightingaleEdit

They're are both very close friends and part of the clique that makes up their group. When Marie Curie leaves, Florence worries and Shiro tries to cheer her up. This leads to her crying for Shiro, because she says he must be just as worried as she is, and the two comfort each other.

Elizabeth TudorEdit

The two are close friends and part of the main clique. When Joan of Arc and Shiro were privately talking and she comes to bring Shiro in, she hesitates and makes a big fuss about interrupting the two. Later on, after sharing a kiss with Kai, Shiro's lookalike, she finds herself staring at Shiro a lot, perhaps pondering and comparing.

Eito Kamiya Edit

Dr. Kamiya is Shiro's father, although only through adoption. Kamiya may somtimes come across as distant to Shiro at times, when in truth the father does not show as much care and emotion to any other person. Shiro himself is extremely attached to his father, which leads to the many taunts of a 'daddy complex' from Freud. Shiro constantly turns to Kamiya for advice, help and comfort, such as asking for Marie Curie's transfer, and when he was small and was upset about having to draw a picture of his teacher as a mom.

When it's implied that Shiro is a clone, Shiro experienced severe anxiety and fear about his father lying to him. After Kai's explains his backstory and Shiro's suspicions are confirmed, Kamiya takes a day outside St. Kleio with him. He confesses that he adopted Shiro, and that the woman who was in the photograph wasn't actually his mother. Kamiya also goes on to tell him that Shiro is going to face many trials in his future, but that Kamiya will always be on his side because Shiro is the only family he has.

Naoto Kuroe Edit

Shiro and Kuroe are fairly close, perhaps even surrogate family-like. Shiro is taken care of by Kuroe the same way his father does; being looked after, worried about and protected. Their relationship most likely stems from Shiro being the son of his best friend, Kamiya.

When Shiro goes to the Da Vinci Foundation, Kuroe decides to go with him and Shiro mentions how it feels like he has "two dads" because of how much the two are concerning themselves over him. When Kuroe rescues him from Da Vinci's goons, Shiro is panicking and looses trust in Kuroe. Although Kuroe regains it later, when the order of events afterwards lead to believe that Kuroe was lying about bringing Shiro back to Da Vinci, Shiro's doubts of Kuroe's honesty brings him to grief-stricken tears (until Shiro is again proven wrong). Recently, despite his depression at Robert Green's house, he has finally opened up to Kuroe about his pessimistic conclusion to the purpose of clones, and Kuroe chooses to explain St. Kleio's past to him, despite the implications.

Pandora Edit

Shiro was assigned to help play with Pandora when Rockwell first arrived to St. Kleio with her. She also, hilariously, gave him his first kiss through a badly attempted CPR. He watches over Pandora frequently and plays games with her while Rockwell is busy. However, after it is revealed she is actually a Marie Curie clone and Rockwell attempts to choke her to death, Shiro wrenches her from Rockswell's grip and drives himself to tears for her throughout the entire experience. Pandora has now seemed to have permanently attached herself to Shiro, who takes it upon himself to be her new caretaker and looks after and takes care of her. When he graduated from St. Kleio, he gives Pandora his badly made dolly.

Joan of ArcEdit

Initially, she dislikes Shiro because he is a non-clone and she doesn't believe he understands what clones have to go through. However, after an intimate talk that made her see him in a new light, she begins to have a slight crush on him, often blushing at the sight of him. He tries to give her hope for her future, and from that she starts to have hope and really wish for a different path and to outlive her original. Before she burns at the stake, she could only look to Shiro and tearfully try to say his name.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Edit

The two of them have an antagonistic relationship that extends beyond the bickering between Shiro and Freud. When Mozart laughs at Marie Curie's sake, Shiro takes offense and repeatedly tries to face up against Mozart in retaliation. Shiro also attempts proving to Mozart he belongs there as well, after several comments from Mozart about his place in the school and his "mediocrity". This sends Shiro into a depression until Hitler must pull him out. However, when Mozart attempts suicide and is discovered by him and Hitler, he begins to worry more about the other. Shiro is eventually assigned to watch over Mozart, who mellows down only to a more bitter state than hostile. When it is implied that Shiro may actually be a clone, Mozart starts to warm up to him and eventually the two develop an uneasy friendship.


At first, when Shiro is put in charge of entertaining Rockswell when the director comes to St. Kleio, their relationship seemed humorous and just strange. However, Rockwell becomes more of a foil to Shiro, as he starts to throw unsavory hints about Shiro's 'true' origins and his increasingly cruel mockery of the clones, many of whom Shiro considers close friends. The last straw is when Rockswell attempts to strangle Pandora to death in response. He tells him that the blame is on Shiro, since the boy had mentioned he didn't measure Pandora to the Marie Curie he had known.


Their meeting brings about questions on Shiro's origins, and whether or not Shiro is a clone or a non-clone. Kai's introduction seems to put a mystery on Shiro, who becomes shaken at the new revelations and starts questioning himself. After Kai reveals his backstory, Shiro's attitude towards Kai becomes vicious and hateful. When Kai explains that he the reason he kills clones is because he doesn't think they should exist, Shiro yells that if that's how Kai feels, that he should kill himself instead.

Albert Einstein Edit

While not part of the group Shiro mainly interacts with, they were good friends, enough so that Einstein could tease Shiro by groping his groin several times and just receive minor irritation. Einstein is the one who reveals the true meaning of the Almighty Dolly to Shiro and invites him to the meeting of the clones dedicated to it.



  • (To Florence Nightingale) "I'm not sad Marie Curie's gone. I'm behind her all the way."
  • (To Joan of Arc) "We were all born to find out what lies ahead, weren't we? After all, clones are supposed to create 'new futures', right?"
  • (To Joan of Arc) "It's the first time I've seen you smile. You should do it more often. You're really cute when you smile."
  • (When the groups trying to cheer him up) "I'm fine actually. But you guys are really giving me the creeps!"
  • (To Kai) "If you don't even know whose clone you do you know you're a clone?"
  • (To Rockswell) "No. The Marie Curie I loved was different..."
  • (To Mozart) "Because of me...Marie Curie...might be dead!"
  • (To Freud) "Joan wanted to live. More than anyone...She wanted to live."
  • (About Rockwell's mourning speech) "What a lie."
  • (To unknown clone) "I'm not a clone...and I didn't kill Joan!"
  • (To Rockswell) "The lives of a clone or two mean nothing to you, right, Director? Becase 'clones are just cattle.'"
  • (To Hitler) "Most of the people in this world aren't clones. Nobody knows what their destiny is. If you think it's scary not knowing your fate...then I guess most people are living in fear."


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