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Naoto Kuroe (黒江? Kuroe) is a professor at St. Kleio Academy and a minor protagonist of the series; also one of the many non-clone staff working at the school. It also seems like he is in charge of security around St. Kleio, and spends much of his time around his old friend, Dr. Kamiya.



Naoto Kuroe



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Professor, staff at St. Kleio


St. Kleio Academy

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Mother (deceased) Dr. X (deceased)

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Vol. 1, Chapter 1



Kuroe in Kai's flashback, first meeting him.


As you can clearly see, this sexy mofo is the hottest character in the show. Mmmm...Just look at him. He has short, slicked back dark hair and dark eyes, and, like the other members of the school security, routinely wears a black suit. His casual wear appears to be limited to dress shirts and pants. When he was younger, his hair was longer and spikier, and his bangs were parted on the right side. The older Kuroe has been growing, it seems, the shorter he has been cutting his hair. He also, on occasion, wears sunglasses.


Kuroe is usually very laid-back and kind to the clones and Shiro- particularly more so than the other adults and officials working at St. Kleio. He takes the security of the school and the safety of the students very seriously, and can always be trusted to do what he can to protect them. He at times notes Dr. Kamiya's unemotional responses with exasperation, though he is the only one who either seems to notice or speak about it aloud.

Kuroe's violent sides are unusual but often directed towards the five Kai clones that were created in the second clone generation. He sometimes comes across as malicious and almost desperate to inflict a punishment of unknown roots upon them, once nearly beating an incarcerated Kai to death. On a lower level of animosity, Kuroe is also very impatient and uptight when in close quarters with Rockswell, which is very understandable.

Kuroe appears to be one of the very few individuals of Afterschool Charisma who understands that clones do not have any pre-destinies, reincarnated souls of the original, or that clones are either superior or unequal in value to humans. Instead he seems to keep in mind a more rational opinion concerning what clones really are, but until the intent of his hostility towards the Kai clones is clarified, it will not be easy to find out.

He shows emotional fragility and instability at times, clinging on to Dr.Kamiya for emotional and mental support. In this way, he is weak emotionally and this probably stems from his feelings of inferiority that he received from the students and from his father.

History Edit

Plot Edit

Throughout the story, Kuroe can be seen walking around all hot and shit, and looks good doing it. He also likes to piss off a couple of the characters like Rockswell.


Dr. Eito KamiyaEdit

Kuroe and Kamiya have yet appeared to been the only friends in St. Kleio's to have maintained their good relations with each other after graduation. At St. Kleio, Kamiya had been Kuroe's only friend throughout his years there, as the other clones of St. Kleio had taunted him for his degraded genes. Curiously, despite Kamiya being a clone of his father, Dr. X, he has never appeared to let any bias about how he feel about his father effect how he saw Kamiya.

Throughout the following years of Afterschool Charisma, Kuroe's scenes are usually in the company of Kamiya. Because they have known each other for so long, Kuroe is able to notice Dr. Kamiya's emotions more acutely than others. He is quick to remind Dr. Kamiya when he is acting distant and emotionless. However, even some of Kamiya's own actions cause Kuroe some confusion- following two of the Kais' murders, Kuroe is concerned about how Kamiya is handling their deaths, but when Kamiya twice unexpectedly asks Kuroe how he feels about their deaths, he is unsure what type of answer Kamiya is looking for. He is also uncertain as to why Kamiya almost spontaneously made the decision to clone another of Dr. X (Shiro) and raise the child himself outside of St. Kleio, but he eventually accepts Kamiya's choice, and is even affronted on Kamiya's behalf when St. Kleio's officials lay some blame on Kamiya (for the Kais terrorist activities) and propose bringing Kamiya back to the school.There seems to be some tension between the two, hinting at a deeper relationship than friendship. It is also hinted that Dr. Kamiya and he have buttfucked.

Shiro KamiyaEdit

Kuroe and Shiro are fairly close, perhaps even surrogate family-like. He looks after Shiro like Kamiya does, taking care of him, worrying and protecting him. He teases Shiro about his height, watches over him during Shiro's job of 'babysitting' Rockswell, and inquires into his well-being like any worried guardian would. Most likely, their relationship stems from Shiro being the son of his best friend, Kamiya.

During the terrorist attack on the expo, Kuroe was quick to ask if Shiro was safe, and later accompanies Shiro on his trip to the Da Vinci Foundation because he was concerned how Shiro would fare in the same place where he himself had learned to become trained combatant After Da Vinci backstabs Shiro and sends his goons after him when he runs away, Kuroe rescues the boy and as they are hiding, readies himself to kill any of Shiro's attackers. Afterwards, he keeps Shiro in his sights for a long time, and when Shiro draws an pessimistic conclusion to the purpose of clones, Kuroe decides Shiro should know about his original. He mentions that although Kamiya would be upset he's telling Shiro, Kuroe himself deems Shiro ready to hear anyway.


Kuroe loathes Rockswell because of how fucking stupid he is, to the point that he remarks aloud how he wishes they could have shot the man during the first incident Rockswell stirs up in his debut. Rockswell annoys, exasperates, fucks with, and never fails to amaze (in a bad way) Kuroe.

When they knew each other as students at St. Kleio, Kuroe hoped to become friends with Rockswell, as both of them were non-clones, and made a number of attempts to reach out to him, but Rockswell rudely rejected each one. By the time Rockswell had become less of a shut-in, Kuroe had already come to understand what a sociopath Rockswell was.

Dr. XEdit

Despite being Kuroe's father, Dr. X has made such a negative and limited impression on Kuroe that Kuroe wasn't even quite sure how to feel when Dr. X was murdered. Dr. X did not allow Kuroe to call him his dad, and Kuroe never again pursued the title afterwards. Kuroe's anger towards him grew as X insulted his mother on multiple occasions, and Kuroe had to be held back by Kamiya and another scientist after he flew at X in fury, as X callously described how Kuroe was a failure by his low intelligence and invaluable genes.


Since they were young students, Kuroe has so far only shown vicious behavior towards all five Kai incarnations, curiously the opposite of how he treats the other clones of Dr. X (Shiro, Kamiya). He has always seemed to believe they are deserving of some punishment of unknown roots, even before they had become terrorists. The origin for this animosity may be a still present bitterness towards his father, the original of the Kais, and that they were named after X. (X pronounced as "Kai.") His first meeting of two of the clones in high school after returning involves him punching the bejesus out of one of them, and then promising to do the same to the other later. He also, years ahead, nearly beats an incarcerated Kai to death, claiming that he has always been a selfish, arrogant idiot- how this time, he will kill Kai with his own hands. When Kamiya stops him, Kuroe is crying and asking why he doesn't deserve to die.

St. Kleio Clones Edit

He treats them kindly and believes they are as much as people as non-clones. Many see him much as a big brother type of figure.

Striker Clones Edit

Kuroe understands all too clearly their resentment towards St. Kleio and tries to give them second chances. During the terrorist attack on St. Kleio's third generation of clones, Kuroe beseeches to help a few of the former students, pleading that he wants to be their ally and that they can still drop their terrorist activities and start over. One of the unnamed clone terrorists mentions that Kuroe has not changed a bit, and that it is a shame he's still at St. Kleio's. After the terrorists are killed by security, Kuroe seems regretful they had to die.

Trivia Edit


  • (To Dr. Kamiya) "Oh yeah, daddy! I like it like that!!"
  • (To Kai) "Fuck you, and yo boys!")
  • (To Dr. Kamiya, regarding Mozart's suicide) "I never know what to do at times like this."
  • (To Shiro) "Shiro. I'm not your enemy. I promised Kamiya I'd protect you. You can trust me."
  • (To Shiro) "Good. Ata boy. Don't worry. I'm not taking you back to Da Vinci."
  • (To Shiro) "I thought it might be for the best...If you and Marie Curie got away. Anyway... I was being Naive."
  • (To Shiro) "Shiro... I know. Between clone Kennedy... and clone Hitler... And the terrorist attack on the academy... I guess it must seem that way. But... things are changing gradually. We just have to get to the point where these tragedies stop happening."
  • (To Dr. X) "You mean the clones? So what? They have nothing to do with me. I never wanted to know about them. I wish I'd never come here. I wish I'd never met you. I just want to get out of here and live my life."
  • (To younger Kamiya) "You've got 100 percent of his genes. You're the only son he needs. I've only got 50 percent, remember?"
  • (To younger Kamiya) "Sure, it pisses me off. But I guess I'm kinda resigned to the fact that I'm different here. Plus, there's no escape. So...yeah. Maybe eventually things'll get better. If nothing else... I can always just hang in there till X dies."
  • (To younger Kamiya) "You're supposed to be a clone of my dad.. but you're not like him at all. Wait a sec! Is that a really messed-up thing to say to a clone?"
  • (To younger Kamiya) "I guess... it doesn't feel real to me. I mean... not the fact that he's dead... The part about him being my father and me being his son. Plus, this happened so suddenly... We didn't know each other very long."
  • (Musing to himself) "X is dead... but X lives on... Does X's death not seem real to me... because Kamiya's still here? Because Kamiya is X too? No... That's ridiculous. ...Did... Kamiya kill X? X killed X...? ...Oh. Mom... Dad's dead."
  • (To Rockswell) "You know very well the school's on a high-security alert! What were you thinking, swooping in from the sky with no warning?!"
  • (To himself, regarding Rockswell) "Wish we could just shoot him..."
  • (To Rockswell, about him comforting Mozart) "Absolutely not. Anyone but you."
  • (Apologizing in his head for leaving him with Rockswell) "Shiro...I'm so sorry!"
  • (To Freud) "You...may all be clones...but I still don't want you to hurry up and evacuate."
  • (To Striker Clones threatening Ikkyu and Nightingale) "Can't we...put an end to this already? Even now...I want to be your ally. I want to help you."
  • (To the incarcerated Kai) "In order to find your sacrificed your companions while you saved yourself."
  • (To the incarcerated Kai) "So? Does that mean you can do anything you want? Don't give me that! You were always like this...You're the same...selfish...arrogant...idiot! This time...I'll kill you with my own hands...I'll..."
  • (To Dr. Kamiya, when stopped from beating incarcerated Kai to death) "Why not? Doesn't he deserve it?"
  • (To a younger Kai, after he punched him) "There. Now we can tell you apart."
  • (To himself, after punching young Kai) "Good grief. I didn't expect to run into Kai first thing."
  • (To the mysterious board members, regarding coming back to work at the school) "Work is work. I won't let my personal feelings interfere."
  • (To younger Kai) "Looks like your eye is getting better. Lucky you. I guess I didn't hit you hard enough. Next time I'll hit you."


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