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Joan of Arc
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Joan of Arc



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French heroine and saint

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Vol. 1, Chapter 1

Joan of Arc (Jeanne d'Arc) is a clone student at St. Kleio Academy. She is in the Third Generation of clones created at the Academy. One of the main supporting cast, however she is not among Shiro's direct group of friends. She is the clone of the French heroine and saint who lead France to victory in the Hundred Years' War.




Joan of Arc as seen in the manga.

She has short, light blond hair that is longer in the back and blue eyes. She usually has a very passive or concentrated expression on her face. For her casual wardrobe, Jean owns multiple short dresses and a few small sweaters.


On account of Shiro not being a clone, Joan began her role in Afterschool Charisma as cold and scornful during the first part of their relationship. However, she eventually transforms her role as minor antagonist to one of Shiro's supporting friends as she and Shiro open up to each other bit by bit.

Joan believes that Clones have destinies derived from their originals and is frightened of following her predecessor's footsteps in dying at age sixteen. Consequently, she is a devout believer in the Almighty Dolly and is a member of the dolly's worshiping cult, hoping that it will sever her ties from fate and save her from death. When it is suggested that Joan be the cult's 'sacrificial lamb' by pretending to reenact the original's death at the stake to thus break free of her destiny, Joan gladly and bravely accepted the role, despite the danger the realistic fire would present.

Historical BackgroundEdit

(1412 - 1431)

"A patriotic young french maiden.

After beginning to hear voices at the age of 13, Joan lead the french army in the liberation of Orléans in the Hundred Years' War against Britain. But not long afterward, she was convicted of heresy by a religious tribunal and burned to death at the stake."

History Edit

Joan was born into the 3rd generation of clones at the same time as all of them had, half a year or so before the 2nd generation's graduation day.

Unlike the rest of the 2nd generation clones' discomfort with having to hold their newborn counterparts, upon being handed to her older self, the 2nd generation Joan takes an immediate liking to her, and mentions it's like having a little sister. As Joan giggles cheerily, the 2nd generation Joan holds her close and serenely promises to protect her.

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Shiro KamiyaEdit

Jean was at first reproachful towards Shiro for having an Almighty Dolly toy while not being a clone. However, she becomes kinder in his presence and much more open and willing to admit her fears about fate to him. After Shiro discovers Mozart's suicide attempt, Joan inquires into his well being, and in the same conversation Shiro comforts her worry of turning out like her original by reassuring that everyone is born to learn their fates. Jean laughs and admits she never expected to be cheered up by him. When Shiro mentions she's cute when she smiles, Jean blushes and demands what he means.

After she manipulates Napoleon through seduction, Shiro comes to see her but she becomes flustered and rushes past him. During a cult meeting, when she strips to prove that she is willing to be the sacrificial lamb, Shiro blushes and refuses to meet her eyes, she becomes embarrassed in turn.

As Jean is about to die at the cross, she awakens to see Shiro shouting to her across the courtyard. Crying, she tries to say his name before she is burned alive, her last thoughts of Shiro.

Napoleon Bonaparte Edit

Her first interactions with Napoleon is only her manipulation through seduction of him in an attempt to get him to accept an Almighty Dolly toy. Because of this however, Napoleon develops romantic feelings towards her. Because of her influence on him, Napoleon decides to join the cult. At a meeting, when he discovers Joan's stake will actually be lit on fire, Napoleon protests until Joan reassures him that she is fine with facing danger, to which Napoleon changes his tune and replies that in that case, he should be the one to light it. Napoleon also declares to her that despite his disbelief in the dolly, he wants to try and make the ceremony work because he wants to free her from her destiny. Joan is surprised and bemused by his support and kindness, unsuspecting of his romantic feelings.

As the terrorists attack the school and Napoleon and Joan are split up, Napoleon anxiously calls out for Joan many times, and tempts danger by going back inside the school. After his fight with his older self, Napoleon's last thoughts before unconsciousness are to look for Joan. Later, in the hospital, Napoleon expresses tearful remorse for not getting to Joan fast enough, but his friends console him that he shouldn't blame himself.

Mozart Edit

At a cult meeting, Jean is shocked by Mozart's response to laugh at the cult's genuine interest in the dolly's divine interference with his suicide attempt, and later seeks out Mozart to sincerely ask him if his destiny changed after his suicide attempt. Mozart deflects by asking if she's scared about reenactment, and she responds that she just wants to hear his opinion. Mozart tries to intimidate her by saying that if she dies, she could just be replaced since she's a clone. Joan is not scared, however, but Mozart's words make her thoughtful.

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