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Ikkyu Sojun (一休? Ikkyu) is a student at St. Kleio Academy, and a supporting main protagonist of the series. He's part of the group of friends Shiro hangs out with and closely associates, and is in the third generation of clones created at the Academy. He is the historical clone of the famous Japanese Zen Buddhist priest.

Ikkyu Sojun
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Ikkyu in casual clothes.


Ikkyu has short black hair that's spiked to one side and partially covers his right eye. He wears rectangular shaped glasses which has apparently become to represent most of his identity, according to Ikkyu. His casual wardrobe mainly consists of sweat pants, jeans, and many hoodies. He also has really nice hips, as you can see on the book cover of volume 8.


Ikkyu is a very fun and outgoing character. He's also a really nice guy. Though nobody thinks so in the actual series, he provides comedic relief. He thinks of his glasses as Ikkyu, and as himself as a glasses stand because nobody recognizes him without his glasses.

Historical BackgroundEdit


A Buddhist monk of the Rinzai school in the middle Muromachi period. Sojun was rumored to be the illegitimate son of Emperor Go-Komatsu. In 1319, at the age of five, he was sent to the Ankoku-ji temple, and in 1410 he became the student of an abbot called Ken'o at Saikin-ji temple. There he was known for his poetry, comical tanka poems, calligraphic works, and eccentricities. Many stories of Sojun's legendary wit were invented after his death.

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Shiro Kamiya Edit

Good friends.

Sigmund Freud Edit

Great friends.

Napolean Bonaparte Edit

Great friends.

Florence Nightingale Edit

Great friends.

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Good friends.

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Not friends.

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(To Elisabeth, Napoleon, Florence and Freud) "But as you well know Elisabeth has no country to rule, Napoleon has no army, Florence has no injured soldiers to treat, and Freud... well never mind Freud. (He's probably fine...)"