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Florence Nightingale is a clone student of St. Kleio Academy, and a supporting main protagonist of the series. She's a close friend of Shiro's and part of his circle of friends. She is in the third generation of clones created at the Academy. She is the historical of the famous English nurse.

Florence Nightingale
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Florence Nightingale



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Historical Personage

Famous English Nurse- social reformer, statistician, and founder of modern nursing

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Vol. 1, Chapter 1



Nightingale as she looks in the manga.


Nightingale has long, wavy auburn hair that goes past her shoulders and brown eyes. Her expression commonly expresses kindness, compassion, and worry for the ones around her, especially her friends. She has not yet been seen in any other regular outfit other than her St. Kleio uniform.


Florence is extremely caring towards others, especially those close to her. She tends to worry about her friend's well-being, for instance when Marie Curie seemingly transfers and Nightingale begins to cry because she misses Marie, and hopes she's alright. Florence also shows excessive physical affection to express her care and love, which makes others often embarrassed.

This extremely caring side of Florence can have a negative effect on herself, as after the clone terrorists invade the school and the traumatic meeting of an older and jaded version of herself, Nightingale seems to have been deeply distressed by the events and gone into a depression, even questioning her existence and that of clones. However, Florence pulls herself through it with the promise that whatever the case is, she is going to fight whatever hardships she is put through in the future.

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"British nurse who made tremendous contributions to the modern nursing system. Received her nursing education in Germany before serving as chief nurse in a London hospital. Drafted into military service during the Crimean War, Nightingale strove to improve sanitation amid the wretched conditions of the military field hospital she managed. Also recognized as a pioneering statistician for her tireless compilation of statistical materials. During her military service, her beneficence and dedication to her hospital rounds at night earned her the nicknames "The Lady with the Lamp" and "The Angel of the Crimea."

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Shiro KamiyaEdit

They're are both very close friends and part of the clique that makes up their group. When Marie Curie leaves, Florence worries and Shiro tries to cheer her up. This leads to her crying for Shiro, because she says he must be just as worried as she is, and the two comfort each other.

Marie CurieEdit

Marie and Florence were very close, and after Marie Curie's transfer, Nightingale expressed intense sadness over her leave, and cries about how she misses Marie very much, and worries about how she may be doing.

Ikkyu SojunEdit

Ikkyu and she are friends and in the same group Shiro hangs out with. However, after the events of the Expo, the two have presumably grown closer as they were together for much of the time. Ikkyu not only chose to run after Florence when she goes back into the destruction of the school to help a wounded student, but both were with each other when being threatened by terrorists and witnessing a fellow clone student's death. They clung to each other throughout the whole ordeal before being shuffled to safety by Kuroe.

Elizabeth Tudor IEdit

After Marie Curie's transfer, Elizabeth and Nightingale are the two girls left in the close group of friends. They are best friends and hang out with each other a lot, and are intimate enough that they feel comfortable sharing baths. They share their worries, crushes, admissions and deep thoughts with each other regularly. During the terrorist attack on St. Kleio, Elizabeth, along with Ikkyu, stops running from the destruction of the auditorium so that they could grab Florence, who was taking too long tending to a wounded student. The next day, when Florence is petrified from the previous events, Elizabeth frets over Florence's not eating and needing to take it easy.

After Kai's confessions, Elizabeth turns to Florence for counsel, who notices immediately something is amiss with Elizabeth. When Elizabeth asks if she thinks they should continue going on at St. Kleio, Florence reassures her that they can fight their futures. Elizabeth hugs Florence, and thanks her. Afterwards, Florence is worried enough about Elizabeth's absence to cry a little about her, but is mostly stoic and claims that although she is worried, it isn't in her power to go look for Elizabeth, and that she believes that Elizabeth left on her violation.

Wolfgang Amadeus MozartEdit

The two didn't have very much interaction with each other, aside from when Mozart stated that because he didn't see the point of being Mozart he didn't feel like playing piano anymore and she told that that was fine, surprising him. However, after the end of the Expo and when Nightingale was slipping into a depression, she caught him playing the piano again. After an exchange of words, Florence was comforted by Mozart's playing and his epiphany. When Ben the reporter comes to quiz the students, Florence is there for Mozart's interview, listening to his music while Mozart himself doesn't seem to take much notice her, inferring that she perhaps spends much of her time with Mozart, now.



  • (To Mozart, about not wanting to play piano) "I don't see anything wrong with that. If you don't want to do it, I think that's fine. I'm sure in time, you'll want to perform again. Why not wait until then?"
  • (Unable to leave the wounded behind in the Expo and goes back) "I just...I can't. You go ahead!"
  • (Trying to help someone from the rubble) "No! I can't let him die...As clone Nightingale...I could never forgive myself!"
  • (To older clone Nightingale, about her acts of violence) "But if you're Florence could you..."
  • (To older clone Nightingale) "I want to help people..."
  • (To Napolean) "What happened was terrible. Nobody blames you. You shouldn't blame yourself either. We're just glad you're alive."
  • (To herself) "Now more than've got to pull yourself together...Florence."
  • (To herself) "Mistakes? Why...did this...have to happen? Does that mean we clones are mistakes? But...where does that leave us?"
  • (To herself) "Strange...even though we're both Florence Nightingale...I don't understand you at all..."
  • (To Mozart) "You've changed, Mozart. I think you've really grown strong."
  • (To Kai) "Why are you...still alive? All of your friends...seemed almost eager to die! But...not you...Why?"

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