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Elizabeth Tudor (Elizabeth I) is a clone student at St. Kleio Academy and a close friend of Shiro's. She is in the third generation of clones created at the Academy. She is one of the main supporting protagonist and part of the circle of friends Shiro hangs out with. She is the historical clone of the famous Virgin Queen of England, Elizabeth I.

Elizabeth Tudor
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Queen Elizabeth I, Virgin Queen of England

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Vol. 1, Chapter 1



Elizabeth has light blue eyes and short blonde hair that is shorter at the back. She has a criss-crossed parting and wears a black headband. She has blue eyes and a pale skin tone. It has been noted that she has fewer curves than most of the other female characters. When wearing her uniform, she wears tights rather than socks. Her casual clothing so far consists of a button-up tank top and skirt over her tights.


Elizabeth is extravagant, outgoing, and isn't afraid or embarrassed of telling people how or what she's feeling. When dealing with topics that are too stupid or too complicated to understand, she'll tend to get loud and irritated in response. She loves to dress-up and the idea of royalty is appealing to her.

Although she claims that she left the love of her life back in the 16th century, Elizabeth is infatuated with her dreams of one day finding a husband.

Historical BackgroundEdit

(1533 - 1603)

"The Queen of England

She was the second child of Henry VIII. After her mother was executed, she was stripped of her rights to the throne and proceeded to live an unfortunate life. She ascended the throne when she was 25, after the death of her half-sister Mary I. Her ascension was welcomed by the people and they had high expectations of her. In 1587, during the Anglo-Spanish War, England destroyed a fleet of powerful Spanish warships. The victory strengthened England's international standing. Industries prospered, the economy grew and the arts flourished under Elizabeth I's reign. It was, in other words, a 'golden age' for England, Elizabeth I was also known as the 'Virgin Queen' because she was never married."

History Edit

Elizabeth was born into the 3rd generation of clones at the same time as all of them had, half a year or so before the 2nd generation's graduation day. Unlike the rest of the 2nd generation, upon being handed to her older self, the 2nd generation Elizabeth is smiling as she asks Elizabeth if she's really Elizabeth.

Many years later, now in high school, Elizabeth appears to be very good friends with Nightingale and Marie Curie, as they are all seen together much of the time.

Plot Edit


Shiro Kamiya Edit

Although Elizabeth and Shiro are in the same social group together, the two of them haven't had many scenes together unless they're accompanied by at least another person. Nonetheless, she cares about him a lot, and worries about Shiro's welfare along with the rest of the group.

While Shiro is having an personal minute with Joan of Arc, Elizabeth assumes that they're in the middle of a romantic moment, and has qualms about interrupting them. After the terrorist attack, when she is kissed by the scarred Kai, she finds herself staring at Shiro a lot, perhaps pondering and comparing.

Florence Nightingale Edit

Florence and Elizabeth are best friends, and are intimate enough that they feel comfortable taking baths with each other. They share their worries, crushes, admissions and deep thoughts with each other regularly. During the terrorist attack on St. Kleio, Elizabeth, along with Ikkyu, stops running from the destruction of the auditorium so that they could grab Florence, who was taking too long tending to a wounded student. The next day, when Florence is petrified from the previous events, Elizabeth frets over Florence's not eating and needing to take it easy.

After her incursion with Kai, Elizabeth is conflicted with what she wants to do, so she turns to Florence for counsel, who notices immediately something is amiss with Elizabeth. When Elizabeth asks if she thinks they should continue going on at St. Kleio, Florence reassures her that they can fight their futures. Elizabeth hugs Florence, and thanks her. Afterwards, Florence is worried enough about Elizabeth's absence to cry a little about her, but is mostly stoic and claims that although she is worried, it isn't in her power to go look for Elizabeth, and that she believes that Elizabeth left on her violation.

Kai Edit

Elizabeth isn't sure what to think of the scarred, individualistic Kai, but it seems she had decided to be on his side for two primary reasons- that she is infatuated with the image of marriage and Kai already seems to be in love with her, and that she is afraid of ending up like the Elizabeth clone before her (from the second generation of clones) and Kai has promised to protect her from that fate.

During the terrorist attack, Elizabeth, distraught and panicked, retreated into the lounge she and her friends had usually occupied. It was that the scarred Kai had found her, coming to her in her hour of need may have come across to her as mysteriously romantic. After he claimed how much he had missed Elizabeth and kissed her, Elizabeth was unsure what to think or how to react.

Ikkyu Sojun Edit

Despite being a good friend of his, Elizabeth is usually never able to understand what Ikkyu chatters about, due to his humor being too dim-witted, or too theologically confusing. She usually responds to his long-winded jokes and explanations with irritation. There are no resentments though, so it is all good humor.

Himiko Edit

Elizabeth is unfortunately a little blind to Himiko's outlandishness. She considers Himiko a friend, and respects her "wisdom." Himiko is the one who gave offered Elizabeth a dolly, but also attempted to scare Elizabeth by warning her bad treatment of the Dolly could result in an attempted suicide like Mozart. When Elizabeth first arrives at the terrorist's headquarters with Kai, Himiko says that she'd known Elizabeth would come and they two embrace. Later, however, when Himiko comes to see her one morning, Himiko appears to be mistaken on Elizabeth's motives for leaving St. Kleio's, as she seems to think they left for the same reason. When Elizabeth mentions that she's worried about everyone at the school, Himiko strikes trepidation into Elizabeth's heart by accusing Elizabeth of pretending to care about the people she discarded and making excuses for running away.




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