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Adolf Hitler



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Adolf Hitler

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Vol. 1, Chapter 1

Adolf Hitler is a student at St. Kleio Academy and one of the main supporting cast. He is a part of the Third Generation of clones that St. Kleio has created. While an friend of Shiro, he isn't part of his main group of friends. He is the clone of the Austrian-born dictator of Germany during World War II.



Hitler has short, dark brown hair
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Hitler as Shiro first meets him (in volume 1)

and brown eyes. After leaving with Kai and ditching his high school uniform, Hitler has been wearing Long sleeved button up shirts and jeans, and sometimes sports a blazer and tie. In public, he dresses in a suit.

He has rather formal mannerisms and is usually wearing a polite smile.


Despite being a clone of the ruthless and violent Adolf Hitler, he has become a gentle, well-mannered boy who wishes to atone for his original's deeds. He has always been isolated from the rest of the clones at St. Kleio, and thus was easily able to make friends with Shiro, as they were both "odd men out." He is rather sensitive towards Shiro's feelings and seems to check up on him frequently. Usually calm and rational, he tends to freeze up in the face of danger or violence. As a devout believer in the cult following the Almighty Dolly, he can get upset, even violent towards people who openly protest his beliefs.

Later in the series, because of the trickery and trauma that he has endured at St. Kleio, Hitler decides that he cannot escape his faith and destiny, and chooses to live life as the original Hitler did. Believing that clones have superior genes compared to regular humans, he has taken drastic measures against St. Kleio, joining Kai and his terrorists, and telling negative stories about St. Kleio to the public media. He has adapted the art of crocodile tears for interviews and television, it appears. He also became more and more manipulative in each of his interviews and speeches, which is a trait of his original.

Historical BackgroundEdit

(1889 - 1945)

"A German politician, more commonly known as a dictator.

He aspired to be an artist in his youth but was rejected by an arts academy. After his days of working as a daily rated laborer, he enlisted himself as a volunteer in the army during World War I. He joined the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi) after the war and played a huge part in increasing the party's influences within the country, subsequently becoming the party's chairman. His eloquence earned him fervent support amongst the masses and led him to be appointed as Chancellor. During his reign as the Chancellor, he dissolved all parties except the Nazi Party. With the Nazi Party as the only political party left, Hitler created the 'Third Reich' and proclaimed himself as Führer. Hitler's invasion of Poland led to World War II. In addition, he suppressed free speech and thought within the country. Hitler also led the movement to persecute the Jews and to eliminate them in "concentration camps", with opponents and other undesire people (about 5 millions victims) . He committed suicide in an underground shelter after Berlin fell to the Allies in 1945."

History Edit

Hitler was born into the 3rd generation of clones at the same time as all of them had, half a year or so before the 2nd generation's graduation day. Unlike the rest of the 2nd generation clones' discomfort with having to hold their newborn counterparts, upon being handed to his older self, the 2nd generation Hitler is very happy to meet him, and holds Hitler up into the air as he tells him that he is the only person in the world who's on his side.

In high school, when Shiro first transfers to St. Kleio and the rest of the clones avoid him, Hitler is the first one to open up to Shiro and claims that he thinks the two of them are going to get along very well because Shiro is like him. Later, now better friends with each other, Hitler explains to Shiro that what he meant was that they're like each other because they are both the "odd man out." When Shiro tries to advise Hitler to ignore his original's deeds and try to still be friends with his fellow students, Hitler, smiling, says it would work because this is his punishment for his sins.

Plot Edit

Hitler is first introduced when he walks to Shiro's room after his fight with Mozart. Hitler notices he's teary eyed and asks if he's alright.

In a flashback one year earlier, when Shiro starts in the class, Hitler is the first to greet him. He proceeds to say they'll get along well. When questioned why, he states they're alike. Later when Shiro spots Hitler alone, he asks if they should invite him. But Napoleon says Hitler prefers being by himself, giving away who he is to Shiro. Later Hitler explains to Shiro that what he meant was that they're like each other because they are both the "odd man out." He explains despite his gentle personality, people resent him for the original's deeds. When Shiro tries to advise Hitler to ignore his original's deeds and try to still be friends with his fellow students, Hitler, smiling, says it would work because this is his punishment for his sins.

Back to present Hitler is trying to comfort Shiro, saying it's natural for Mozart to treat him like that as he's the "odd man out" much to Shiro's dismay. Hitler merely states it's true so he may as well accept it. He then proceeds to give him a figurine of "The Mighty Dolly" stating it brings good luck, which Shiro accepts. He does however take his leave when Napoleon shows up.

Hitler is seen again, during a ritual for the Mighty Dolly's cult, seemingly in a trance like state. This is due to the ritual involving to hypnotize yourself with your own mirror image, to communicate with the original self. He snaps out of it when Shiro is dragged in along with Einstein. When the others wants Shiro removed from the room, Hitler shows his distaste on their cold attitude towards Shiro. He proceeds to ask what they know about him, in which Joan responds that he's different and they can't understand him. Hitler, displeased by the answer, says it's because they won't even try. He says Shiro has it rough, but they can understand him if they actually try.

A little later Hitler is trying to help Shiro make his own figurine of Dolly, in which he fails. They're both interupted by Mozart, whom makes fun of them for playing with "stuffed toys". Hitler watches the two argue and calmly suggest Mozart prays to Dolly too, which Mozart responds by knocking the figurine out of Shiro's hand, much to Hitlers dismay. He watches on as Shiro berates Mozart, and Mozart leaves angry. He then looks at the broken sheep with a sad expression

Late at night he and Shiro were asked by Mozart to come to his room. Hitler has a bad feeling about it, holding his own figurine close to his chest. They go in after receiving no answer, seeing it's lightly messy and very dark. When Shiro turns on the light Hitler is shocked to see Mozart have hanged himself, believing it to be Dolly's curse.

Later at the hospital Hitler and Shiro visit Mozart, whom they managed to get down just in time. Hitler is saddened that Shiro blames himself, but says it wasn't a curse. He then shows he fixed the figurine Mozart broke earlier, and says the Almighty Dolly is why Mozart is still alive. He proceeds to place it on Mozarts pillow and asks for the one Shiro made. He says it's not a Dolly yet as it needs to be baptized, but he'll take care of that. He is requested to also give it a make over, but he says he likes how unique it is.

Hitler is sitting on his own along with two Dolly figurines, smiling

He is also present when Joan is chosen as the sacrificial lamb, as a ceremony during an expo about to take place. He may be one of the students applauding her.

When Shiro is tasked with keeping an eye on Mozart, Hitler assists him. Hitler says he is convinced Mozart may try to hang himself again, as people often make more attempts, but still insists the mighty Dolly will protect him. He does show to worry, when Mozart goes back to his room, but is surprised when it's been cleaned up. He is also worried when Mozart starts laughing, saying he's dead.

When planning Joan's sacrifice Hitler is seen angry that Mozart keeps laughing. He stands and says he's glad Mozart survived, but he had no right to laugh at the rest.

Hitler is excited that they're holding the ceremony when he sees the recreation of the cross, Joan burned at. He's excited that perhaps he can escape fate as well. He does however tell the others when he came to ask Shiro to help out Shiro told him he couldn't, in a bad mood.

During the expo they're required to wear costumes of the attire their originals wore, so Hitler is seen in a Nazi uniform, during the event. He then asks Napoleon if Shiro is around, prompting the others to think of events the night before.

When it starts Hitler is stunned when Rasputin reveals he made the cult up to research how desperate the clones were for salvation. He doesn't get to react when a terrorist attack strikes, stunning the cloned dictator. When all students get out, Hitler is seen holding his figurine in shock. He is snapped out of it by Napoleon, whom runs in to find Jeanne

Despite Einsteins attempt to make Hitler see sense that this was terrorism, Hitler insists Rasputin betrayed the Almighty Dolly and therefor it's punishment. He is distraught when Einstein knocks the figurine out of his hand. He quickly picks it up and smiles.

When two clones of Joan are tied to the stake by the attackers, Hitler seems delighted that the ceremony will go on, saying it's Dolly's will. However when the flames kill her Hitler is frozen in shock, as Mozart tries to convince him that their fate can't be changed. Hitler simply destiny will have to bow before him, his eyes hollow and tears running down his fate.

After Shiro punches a student for saying that Shiro's clone killed Joan, Hitler sends Shiro a chillingly pleased smile.

Hitler later pays Rasputin a visit, saying this is his fault for betraying Dolly.He then sates he and Einstein, were no good. He proceeds to say that now Einstein's dead and Himiko has gone missing. He then states he brought a get "well present", a bunch of Dully Figurines. With a clearly insane look he says they doesn't need to be babtized, and shoves them down his mouth, saying he shouldn't have angered the Almighty Dolly. He then leaves, telling Rasputin to make peace with Dolly.

When he walks out, he sees Shiro. Just then medics rush to Rasputins aid. When Shiro questions this Hitler merely smiles and happily greets him. He then says he always knew they were alike, as the man that killed Joan looked like Shiro. He also says he always knew they were outsiders. He admits he's grateful that Joan has proved fate can't be changed. He then says he'll live like his original, but also that he won't change. He then embraces Shiro, saying only he is always on his side. They're interupted by Napoleon. When Shiro goes to him, Hitler grabs his arm saying only he understands Shiro so he shouldn't be around the others. Shiro proceeds to shove him away and leaves with Napoleon, leaving Hitler stunned. He shouts that Napoleon isn't right for Shiro but it goes ignored. He then smiles saying it's because Shiro's confused.

Later he is in the office, having told the Director to bring Shiro and the others so he could inform them all they should be grateful to Jeanne as changing their fates was not an option and it made him sick not knowing ones destiny. Shiro then tells him ordinary humans, don't know their destiny and therefor there's no point in having one. Angered by this Hitler states that they're the chosen ones and therefor superior to humans. He listens on as Kai decides to tell them who he really is.


Shiro KamiyaEdit

Hitler's closest, and possibly only friend. Hitler appears to care greatly for Shiro's well being, and checks up on him often. They became friends on Shiro's first day of school at St. Kleio Academy, saying that they were both "odd men out." They two catch up with each other often in the hallways and classes, but Shiro has not appeared to invite him much to the lounge he and his circle of friends usually hang out in, so they are either not as close as them, or Shiro doesn't want his other friends to feel intruded upon.

After the terrorist attack, their relationship becomes harder to understand, as Hitler becomes more paranoid. After Shiro punches a student for saying that Shiro's clone killed Joan, Hitler sends Shiro a chillingly pleased smile. Hitler and Shiro later meet each other in the hospital's hallways, and Hitler states that he always knew Shiro and him were alike, strangely referring to how a man (a Kai) who looked like Shiro had killed Joan. He goes on to state how Joan proved that clones can't change their destinies, hugging Shiro and saying he won't change, and that he's the only one by Shiro's side. When Napoleon intercedes, hoping to hang out with Shiro, Hitler tells Shiro that Napoleon isn't right for Shiro to be with, but Shiro ignores him.

Hitler and Shiro have another confrontation later, and they both argue about whether knowing your destiny means clones are superior than humans. They ended up in separate ways after the discussion.

However, Hitler continued to treat Shiro as a friend throughout the series as he tried to protect Shiro when he was facing off the 2nd generation Einstein. Also for your information, the last line Hitler said in the series is "I can't go back,Shiro." when he received the graduation invitation from Shiro(Shiro himself did not pass the note personally to him, of course). This shows how important Shiro's role is in Hitler's life.

Joan of ArcEdit

They were both devout believers in the Almighty Dolly cult, and interacted on a fairly regular basis. He supported Joan's attempts of breaking from destiny, believing that in turn he would become free of his fate. Seeing as Hitler did not notice Joan's disappearance at the Expo, despite sitting directly to her right, they don't have a particularly strong relationship.

As Joan died at the fiery cross, Hitler was stunned that she was going to suffer the same fate as her original. He states that she must not have been chosen by the almighty doll, and it was horrible because she had so much faith she could make the ceremony work. Because of her death, Hitler was forced to make a reorganization of his values, and has since decided to be relieved that she proved that clones can't change their destinies. He encourages people to be more grateful to her.

Other St. Kleio Students Edit

Most of the students at St. Kleio either dislike Hitler quietly, or simply keep him out of thought in general, as he seems to prefer being by himself. Hitler does not seem to mind, as he considered his isolation a form of punishment for his sins. Now, working with the Striker clones from outside, Hitler has made it an obsession to protect all the students by destroying St. Kleio.

Trivia Edit


  • "Shiro has it pretty rough. But I...No...We can understand how he feels if we try!"
  • "What's happening? Don't tell me...She's going to die? The same fate...once again..."
  • "I'm Hitler. Destiny will have to bow down before me!"
  • "You shouldn't have angered the Almighty Dolly!"
  • "Make your peace with the Almighty Dolly, Rasputin."
  • "I always knew you and I were alike."
  • "I'll live my life as Hitler."
  • "I'm the only one who's always on your side."
  • "You shouldn't hang out with Napoleon, Shiro! He isn't right for you!"
  • "I'm so glad I'm Hitler. I really am!"


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