Very little is known about the Prototypes, the first generation of clones created at St. Kleio. It was the generation that personally knew Dr. X, the founder of St Kleio, and bore the technology he developed. So far, most of the prototype's fates have remained unknown.

This page lists with short and to the point descriptions of the characters of the 1st generation, the events and fates they experienced, and the advancements St. Kleio has been made since then, along with some trivia.

(Known) Clones of the 1st Generation Edit

Eito Kamiya Edit

Status: Alive.
First clone of Dr. X. In school, was mostly distant to all students except Naoto Kuroe. Eventually murdered the psychotic Dr. X, and went on to inherit his cloning research was included into the board of St. Kleio.

Presently: Still working at St. Kleio with Shiro as his adopted son.

Leonardo Da Vinci Edit

Status: Alive.
In high school, Da Vinci is seen picking on Kuroe for being a moron and breaking his arm. Leonardo grows up to be included into the board of St. Kleio, and becomes director.

Presently: After Kai's strikers kill most of the first and second generation clones, he is laid off and put in charge of his own organization that takes care of 'failure' clones. When he backstabs Shiro, St. Kleio cuts him loose into the world, but a kind homeless man, Jesus Christ, shows generosity by aiding him.

John F. Kennedy Edit

Status: Deceased.
Kennedy is the first to graduate and be bought by a client of all clones. Kuroe helps makes arrangements for his future in politics. At some point in his career, he makes a friend in the politician, Robert Green (who later becomes invested in St. Kleio).

Death: Eventually, near the end of the third clone generation's last year or high school, he is shot by Kai's striker clones in the middle of his speech.

Joan of Arc Edit

Status: Alive.
Joan is seen studying in a small classroom wearing an technological hat wired to a computer. She's later picking on Kuroe for his degraded genes. At her graduation, or after, a man who works with in photo media took Joan in and the two have became as close as family, and helped each other to become better people.

Presently: Joan has grown to be middle aged, surpassing the lifespans of all other Joan's, even the original. She has renamed herself, and rejected her identity as "Joan." Although none of the clones have became aware she is aiding in their politics battle for St. Kleio, Joan is pining her hopes of change on the third generation of clones.

Albert Einstein Edit

Status: Unknown.
Einstein is seen studying in a small classroom wearing an technological hat wired to a computer. He's later picking on Kuroe for his degraded genes.

Napoleon Bonaparte Edit

Status: Unknown.
Napoleon is seen studying in a small classroom wearing an technological hat wired to a computer.

Unnamed Clone Edit

Status: Unknown.
An unnamed clone plays a large role in Rockswell's life, as he was probably the one who unintentionally taught Rockswell to be so disdainful of clones. The clone at first attempts to prove that all clones are superior to normal humans by trying to beat him in classes. However,when Rockswell scores higher than all other clones again, the unnamed clone becomes furious and bullies Rockswell. In revenge, Rockswell sabotages his chemistry experiment, and the explosion blows off three of the clone's fingers.

Onlookers Edit

Dr. X Edit

Status: Deceased.
Dr. X founded St. Kleio, and directed it's progress. He had a direct hand in the creation of the first and second generation of clones. He despised his son, Kuroe, because he believed that a proper son should inherit 100% of his genes, like Kamiya. He become psychotic about his hopes of creating a new world with his clones.

Death: Kamiya murdered him by pushing him off a bridge over the encapsulated cells of budding clones.

Naoto Kuroe Edit

Status: Alive.
Kuroe was brought to St. Kleio to join his father, Dr. X after his mother died. At St. Kleio, Naoto was bullied by the clone students and tormented by his father for having degraded genes. He becomes best friends with Kamiya, and is eventually given the task of protector of the clones under Dr. X's orders.

Presently: Still working at St. Kleio staff as head of security, currently taking temporary residence at Robert Green's house.

Rockswell Edit

Status: Alive.
Rockswell's abusive family was willing to pay any price to hand him to St. Kleio, of which they were sponsoring. He is bullied because he has better grades than the other students, and learns to despise clones. Some time after he explodes the fingers off of a bully, he returns to see his family for a visit, and burns the house to the ground, killing all the family members. St. Kleio becomes part of Rockswell's property and is included onto the board.

Presently: Director of St. Kleio, currently occupying his time at the Academy.

Trivia Edit

- It's questionable if any potential students from the 2nd generation were destroyed before being born when Dr. X was thrown onto the encapsulated cells of budding clones and possibly crushed a few.

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